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Download application form

I. The application may be completed in English, Ukrainian or Russian and must include the following documents and materials:
– A copy of passport or birth certificate.
– A copy of the registration fee payment receipt.
– High quality color photos in digital format.
– Artistic biography of the participant.
– A copy of the laureate award of EMCY or WFIMC (if any).
– Link to the video of the qualifying round program.

II. All required documents with a properly filled out application and video of the participant must be sent to by March 31, 2020 at the latest. After the materials have been processed, the candidates will be sent a confirmation that the application has been completed.

III. Documents sent to the competition will not be returned.

IV. Applications submitted without the abovementioned documents or received after 31 March 2020 will not be accepted for consideration.

V. As a result of listening to videos of the participants of the selection round, the special commission will select no more than 24 participants to participate in the first round of the competition.

VI. Participants who will participate in the first round will be announced no later than April 12, 2020.

VII. Simultaneously with the submission of the application, each competitor must pay a registration fee of 100 euro or an amount in Ukrainian Hryvna equivalent to the indicated amount in Euros according to the National Bank of Ukraine exchange rate on the day of payment. All costs associated with the bank transfer of funds must be borne by the payer. Already paid registration fee cannot be refunded under any conditions.

Account information for payment of the registration fee in euro:
(Warning! Payment of the registration fee must indicate the purpose of the payment!)

Address: Akademika M.Kravchuka str. 14, flat.2, Lviv 79010, Ukraine
Name of the bank: Public Joint Stock Company Raiffeisen Bank Aval
The bank account of the company: 26005605497
Correspondent bank: Raiffeisen Bank International AG, Vienna
SWIFT-code of the correspondent bank: RZBAATWW
Account of the correspondent bank: 55022305
Details of payment: Charitable Contribution [Participant’s Name and Surname] to the Odesa International Violin Competition

Account information for payment of the registration fee in UAH:
(Увага! При сплаті реєстраційного внеску обов’язково має бути зазначено призначення платежу!)

ГО «Культурна платформа»
Адреса: м. Львів, вул. Академіка М. Кравчука, буд. 14, кв. 2
ЄДРПОУ 42080921
Рах. No 26006605496
АТ «Райффайзен Банк Аваль»,
МФО 380805
Призначення платежу: «Благодійний внесок [ПІБ учасника] на Одеський міжнародний конкурс скрипалів».





Senior group:



1. Valerie Schweighofer (19 years old, Germany)


2. Agnieszka Sawicka (23 years old, Poland)


3. Svetlana Klinkova (17 years old, Ukraine)


4. Mayu Tomotaki (22 years old, Japan)


5. Dmitry Udovichenko (19 years old, Ukraine)


6. Doga Altinok (17 years old, Turkey)


7. Maria Shutko (20 years old, Ukraine)


8. Zuzanna Malgorzata Budzynska (20 years old, Poland)


9. Marco Gialluca (21 years old, Italy)


10. Alexander Kolessa (17 years old, Ukraine)


11. Alberto Stiffoni (23 years old, Italy)


12. Joanna Rybak (22 years old, Poland)

Junior group:



1. Varvara Vasilyeva (14 years old, Ukraine)


2. Naz Irem Türkmen (11 years old, Turkey)


3. Ivan Udovichenko (14 years old, Ukraine)


4. Oksana Butrinskaya (15 years old, Ukraine)


5. Miroslava Bukata (15 years old, Ukraine)


6. Elizaveta Manzhos (16 years old, Russia)


7. Alexandra Khmara (13 years old, Ukraine)


8. Alevtina Rakhmanina (15 years old, Ukraine)


9. Lora Markova (14 years old, Bulgaria)


10. Olga Titarenko (13 years old, Ukraine)


11. Alexander Agafonov (16 years old, Ukraine)


12. Pauline van der Rest (13 years old, Belgium)





On April 1st we have finished accepting applications for participation in the Odessa International Violin Competition. To the first round 67 applications were accepted from 18 countries of the world:

Ukraine – 35, Poland – 8, England – 3, Germany – 2, Japan – 2, Turkey – 2, Italy – 2, South Korea – 2, Belarus – 2, Hungary 1, Vietnam – 1, USA – 1, Switzerland – 1 , Russia – 1, Bulgaria – 1, Belgium – 1, Austria – 1, Moldova – 1.

Members of the jury will be provided with a list of participants, which only contains information about the age and the links to the video with the program of the first round of the contestants (photo). The results of the sellection, along with the names of all the contestants, will be published in April on the official website of the competition and on the Facebook page of competition.

We remind that 24 contestants will be invited to the second round, which will be held in Odessa from 14th till 17th of June.

We wish you success!

When fluffy snow falls outside the window, it is difficult to make plans for the next summer. However, young violinists should already begin now to prepare “for the beach season”, because during the 14-17 June 2018 the Odessa International Violin Competition will be held in sunny Odessa.

To compete in the skills will be able to talents from all around the world in two age categories: junior – up to 16 years old and senior – performers from 17 to 23 years old. Among the jury members are well-known violinists of the younger generation: Andrej Bielow, Stanislav Pronin, Aleksey Semenenko, Bogdana Pivnenko, Andrey Murza. The competition will take place at the Special Music School named after. P.S. Stolyarsky, which has a long history of education of young talents and whose graduates are playing at the best concert venues in the world.

Young musicians should think about participation in the competition right now, because the deadline for the applications is March 31, and in the first round of the competition the jury members will evaluate the video recording of contestant’s performance. Therefore, do not forget to practice on holidays Etudes, Caprices and Sonatas by Mozart! Detailed information about regulations of the competition can be downloaded here.

Only 12 participants from each age category, who will be selected by the jury in the first round, will go to Odessa for participation in the second round of the competition. Among the prizes of the competition are monetary awards, as well as special prizes from the German musical publishing house “Bärenreiter”, the manufacturer of strings and accessories “Pirastro” and free studio audio recording from the information resource “Moderato”.

A few more pleasant gifts: the laureates of the competition will be able to perform at the Odessa Philharmonic, and the best representative from Odessa will receive a prize from the Swiss association “Legato”. Within the framework of the
competition the jury members will give a master classes to the participants of the II round.
So, a good secret desire on New Year’s Eve will be participation and a worthy performance at the Odessa Violin
Competition, and perhaps – a bright victory!


The competition is supported by the mayor of Odessa, Department of Culture of Odessa City Council and Odessa Special Stolyarsky Music School.

The competition is open to the violinists from all countries.
The age of contestants of junior category should not exceed 16 years old, and senior – 23 years old, at the time of opening the competition (June 14, 2018).

The application must be submitted via the competition website by 31 March 2018.
The first selection round will be held on the basis of the video recordings of contestants, among which jury members will choose 12 candidates from each age group to participate in live audition of the second round.

Live auditions will be held in the Great Hall of the Stolyarsky School.
The awarding ceremony and gala concert of laureates will be held on June 17th in the Great Hall of the Stolyarsky School.

The Jury: Andrej Bielow, Stanislav Pronin, Bogdana Pivnenko, Alexey Semenenko, Andrey Murza.
3 prizes in each age group will be awarded according to the results of the Odessa International Violin Competition.

Призовой фонд Одесского международного конкурса скрипачей:

Junior group
I prize – 10.000 UAH.
II Prize – 5.000 UAH.
III prize – 3.000 UAH.

Senior group
I prize – 20.000 UAH.
II Prize – 10.000 UAH.
III prize – 5.000 UAH.

The special prizes from the partners of the competition will be awarded as well: German publishing house «Bärenreiter», German manufacturer of strings and accessories «Pirastro», Swiss association «Legato» and Ukrainian musical resource «Moderato».

Odessa International Violin Competition opens a new page in the cultural life of the city that can rightfully be considered the capital of the violin performing arts of Ukraine.

Right there in Odessa in 1933, the Special Music School for gifted children was founded by professor Peter Stolyarsky who brought up a generation of outstanding violinists of the 20th century, among which are David Oistrakh and Nathan Milstein. The Stolyarsky School became a factory of talents discovering new names, whose performances captivate audience at the best venues of the world.

The competition is open to young violinists from all countries, and provides an opportunity to receive worldwide recognition and a ticket to a great creative life from the homeland of musicians whose names are written in gold in the world history of classical music.

Goals of the competition are: development of international cultural connections, popularization of Ukrainian musical culture, strengthening of international reputation of Odessa as one of the centres of musical art, support and preservation of traditions of the Odessa violin school.